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Anthurium from Flori in Timisoara

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  • Mixed 

    144.90 Lei ( € 34.49 )
    "Mixed" one elegant and imposing anthurium bouquet, perfect to any important events from your life.
    The bouquet is made from 5 anthurium nice arranged to create an imposing bouquet.
    Anthurium the flower is a mysterious, elegant and delicate flower, remarked of everybody because of his beauty and his unique form.
    To make a happiness to your lovely person, the online florist from Timisoara, Flowers in is by your side and send for you this gorgeous anthurium bouquet in only 4 hours.

    The image is with presentation title and didn't contain the vase.
  • Inima de lux 

    369.40 Lei ( € 87.92 )
    O inima florala "de lux", formata din 34 trandafiri rosii si ornata cu un martisor - o floare de orhidee sau orice alta floare alba, pentru un plus de culoare, precum si cu frunzulite decorative. Pentru a face o surpriza placuta persoanei dragi floraria online flori in Timisoara este alaturi de tine si trimite pentru tine acest aranjament la domiciliu, in aceeasi zi de la comanda.
  • Anthurium in Flower-pot 

    110.00 Lei ( € 26.18 )
    The plant in flower-pot - Anthurium - named The Flamingo Bird because of the shape and the color which looks like The Flamingo Bird.
    Most of the plant has red flowers, but there are pink, white and orange flowers.
    The Anthurium is a tropical perennial plant who's growing is in shrub shape from 70 - 80 cm.
    The anthurium flowers are little, fleshy, arranged in ear, white, red or yellow colored. These inflorescence is protect by a modified leafage colored in red, pink, white very decorative.
    Make a nice surprise to your lovely person an send these beautiful plant trough our online florist from Timisoara, Flowers in

    Anthurium Plant is offer you in a ceramic flower-pot.

    Care way oft the Anthurium in flower-pot:

    Location of the Anthurium: The plant in flower-pot - Anthurium - didn't like direct sun shine, even she needs light, the light must be indirect or filtered.
    In the winter the Anthurium flower-pot may be sit on the ledge, the received light in the cold period help the plant to produce constantly flowers.

    Temperature of the Anthurium: Anthurium in flower-pot loves the warm temperature, he needs 25 degrees Celsius in air and soil.

    Water of the Anthurium: In the summer the plant need fresh air by ventilation of the room, but without air currents; also the plant needs a high humidity in atmosphere (permanently spraying with water to the plant).
    The water should be maintained to the room temperature.
    The soil of the plant should be moderate wet.

    The soil of the Anthurium: The plant needs an acid, spongy nourishing soil (a composition of red fibrous peat, leafage soil, sand).
    From april to october is indicate to add a fertilizer for the acidophil plant, you will observe a lot of flowers and leafage.
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